Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Contemporary Artists

Jean-Pierre Blanchon, a Frenchman in love with painting, wrote a book with the quotations of 1500 Portuguese artists, the Quotation Portuguese Artists in Auction - Guide 2006/2010 (Author's edition). The author has an antique shop in the Chiado area and an auction house.

Once arrived in Portugal in 1991, lived up to his addiction to not lose any auction. Economist by training, the lack of data for cataloging artists bothered him. He went to work: analyzing auction catalogs, able to evaluate the evolution of 50 Portuguese Painters between 1974 and 1994. He concluded that only the investment in stock market had gotten over the average return of Portuguese paintings in this period - whose values ranged between 6.6% and -2.8% - relative to inflation.

In this guide we can see that the sculptor Manuel Pereira da Silva scored 10 of his contemporary paintings at auction, during the referred period (2006-2010), was sold 7 paintings in Watercoulor.