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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pedro Cabrita Reis

I don’t consider the triangle gallery / critic (curator) / Collector valid. Artists validation is done by the artists, museum circuit, curators, critics, etc., and finally collectors, in that order and no other.

The collecting is an obsession, it's a constant search for a construction of a model of understanding the world through works of art. It is a kind of new world, i.e., he reconstructs an understanding of history, of their own position in the world through works of art that will bring to you. The collector turns out to be the artists "compagnon de route", and are welcomed by the artists within it, are respected and eventually become an integral part of the lives of artists and art history.

The galleries have as fundamental concern historically legitimized artists, who are their insurance while apart from that investment are always cast into the fire, poor souls who do not know this, a number of new artists who are burned time after time, without having thought about it before and allowed to go on the siren song of the galleries in the hope of having an opportunity to achieve fame, there is a logic of marketing of new products, gallerists sitting at the door of the stairs of the Fine Arts Schools waiting for them, make an exhibition and send them home again, waiting for the next.

The art fairs and biennials and the system itself are prepared for it, for a very rapid rotation of names in order to feed a vicious and voracious appetite for novelty by the art market, which is designed to create added value, this is economy, has nothing to do with art.